Sailing on Lake Balaton

Have you experienced sailing before? Did you ever see the abbey of Tihany or the rolling hills of the Balaton-highlands from the water? Do you want to try how it feels to turn the wheel, pull the ropes and set the sails? Or perhaps you already have some sailing experience and want to sail on your own? Memorable pleasure or adventure sailing, swimming in the middle of Balaton, sipping local wine aboard a yacht, a surprise for a lifetime – our English-speaking captains plan the route and programmes according to your wishes, so you don’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy every moment!

What do we offer?

Clean and well-maintained boats
Friendly captains
New places to discover
Unforgettable experiences

Pleasure sailing

Make your holiday a memorable one aboard our 8 person sailboat! Besides trips of families and friends, Nurmi II hosted proposals, bachler and bachelorette parties too. We are happy to take out school or company groups with multiple boats when necessary, or organise amatuer sailing competitions.

Small sailboat rental

If you want to sail on your own, you can rent our small sailboats! Our Lasers are great for practice and adrenaline sailing, while our Pirate (jolle) can fit 2-3 adults too – great for private swimming away from the crowded beaches. Rent a boat from us and sail in the Füred-bay! Life vests are included.

Sail with us!

  • Are you looking for a typical Balaton summer experience for you kids, parents, family, friends?
  • Do you want to try some local wine of the region aboard a private yacht while the sun sets over the lake?
  • Are the beaches packed? Why not drop anchor in the middle of Balaton and swim privately, far from the crowds?
  • Do you want to propose to your partner in an unforgettable way?

If you are looking for something extraordinary…

Winetasting or picnic on a sailboat

Introduction to the world of sailing

Swim in the middle of Lake Balaton

It is only up to you where we go, what we do, how long we stay, these are all arranged in a flexible way before leaving port. We are happy to answer any questions about Tihany, Balaton, Hungary, or life on the shores of the lake. Are you interested in the amazing activity of sailing? After explaining the basics our captain shows you how to operate a yacht and under his supervision you can try for yourself the unforgettable experience of sailing! For a reasonable price, you could also try local wine or enjoy an unforgettable picnic meal experience aboard or have a drone capture the best moments of your amazing sailing trip.
Our 8 persons sailboat confirms with all regulations. In case of unexpected rain or if the sun is too strong you can go down to the cover of the spacious cabin. If you feel safer that way, we can provide life vests for the whole duration of the trip (of course we have enough for all adults and children on board anyway).

Our home port is the marina of Aquilo Hotel Panoráma, but according to prior arrangement the possibility to embark or disembark at other ports is also possible. We have morning (10-13), early afternoon (14-17) and late afternoon (17-20) sailing sessions, but we can also take you out on the lake for a whole day.

The price of pleasure sailing for 2-2,5 hours is 50.000 Ft. We do accept all major credit and debit cards too.

Adam took us sailing on Lake Balaton for 2 and a half hours and we had a great time. Everything was extremely well organised. Adam’s English is excellent and he told us lots of things about the local area as well as explaining how to sail the boat. TripAdvisorIan

We had a girls’ weekend and an amazing time in Tihany sailing with Adam. We sailed around the Tihany peninsula at sunset and it was an amazing experience. Adam was very knowledgeable of the area and he recommended some good places in Tihany to go to afterwards. TripAdvisorPanny

Rent from us!

Are you already experienced in sailing? Our Laser and Pirate small boats are waiting for you!

There is no need for a license to sail these, but prior sailing experience is a must.

Life vests are provided, and we can also give you small waterproof bags (for phones, cameras, documents).

Rental price of the Laser is 10.000 Ft, of the Pirate (jolle) is 20.000 Ft with no time limit (after leaving port you can use it as long as you want on the same day). We do accept all major credit and debit cards too.

Very good service from Adam who rented us a lovely boat. Quick to respond and very good English. Also runs tours, would recommend.



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